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Bridges & Bamboo

Two arched bridges connect the bamboo beds across a pond to the vegetable garden.  We are available for design and construction of bridges to fit your landscape.
Bridge to Vegetable Garden      

Bridge to Vegetable Garden
Garden Bridge

Garden Bridge


Commissioned bridge


This lovely bridge connecting a meadow to a meditative island, was commissioned in 2007. A low-arched curve was an aesthetic requirement of our client, as was the minimal detail on the handrail. The arched glue lame beams were constructed in place, utilizing pressure-treated 1 x 4 lumber. A large cement block secures the foundation at each end of the bridge and adjustable stainless steel brackets hold the bridge firmly to the concrete. The finished deck and hand railing is 1 x 6 Epea.

This bridge was constructed on San Juan Island.

Meditation Island

Island in the fog

Pope Bridge










The stone work on this island was designed and installed by Island Gardens, San Juan Island.